How to fix when the welding machine has a problem

During the welding process, sometimes the welding machine will have a problem, so it is important to understand the cause and the condition of the problem. If the staff cannot adjust the welding machine, it will affect the work progress. Therefore, LKS 360 EXIM introduce to you the ways to fix this situation as below.


How to check the welding machine has current or not?


To check if the welding machine has welding current, first plug in the power and turn on the switch for the machine to work. Then adjust the solder current potentiometer to some threshold to check how much (V) output. For multi-function welding machine, it is recommended to test the output current in both welding functions working differently.


How to fix when the welding machine has a problem


Pay attention to the meter hand of the meter, if the needle jumps, it means the machine is still operating normally. But don't stop there, you need to check if the machine can adjust the current or not? Very simply, when soldering you need to constantly adjust the potentiometer to see if the welding current is really working properly.


When you increase the welding current, the spark will be stronger, the spatter will be high, and conversely, the lower the welding current, the less spark will be. So if when you adjust the welding current up and down but the spark does not change, it means that the electronic welding machine cannot adjust the current and you need to repair it.


Check the error of not correcting the line


With factories, steel buildings or in industrial manufacturing plants..., the intensity of using these devices often leads to the above error is often encountered. To find the cause of the above situation you need to follow these steps:


How to fix when the welding machine has a problem


Step 1: Remove the current feedback Jack and measure the 2 diodes of the machine to see if it is damaged or not and the resistance is still there, check this position first because its use is to supply power to the potentiometer. If it is still working fine, then plug the feedback jack back and continue to test the potentiometer line.


Step 2: If the above position does not continue to have problems, continue to check the welding current correction, when measuring you need to measure in the circuits related to the welding current including the welding current adjustment potentiometer and the potentiometer. welding current fine-tuning. To this step, you need to do two things as follows:


- First measure the potentiometer to fine-tune the welding current: Turn on the electronic welding machine switch → bring the power meter measurement range to 10VDC → measure the two outermost legs of the potentiometer → If the machine results return from 4V to 8V (for Mosfet welder) or 2V to 8V (for IGBT welder) means normal → And if below this threshold, it means the welding current is weak.


- Second measure the welding current potentiometer: Set the welding current to measure 1kVA → measure the 2 outermost pins and then measure the middle leg of the potentiometer jack → turn the potentiometer adjustment knob to see if the welding current changes → If The clock hand does not jump means the potentiometer is damaged and you need to proceed to replace the new welding current potentiometer.


How to fix the error of not being able to adjust the line


Buy a new potentiometer for an electronic welder, first remove the old potentiometer and then connect the wire to the new potentiometer, then re-solder → re-measure the new potentiometer (The 2 outermost pins and the center) if the clock hand jumps up and continuously changes when turning the potentiometer adjustment knob, it means that the welding current is stable → Once it is stable, proceed to install it.

Things to note when using an electronic welding machine safely


How to fix when the welding machine has a problem


Industrial machinery and equipment are often used, with electric welding equipment, to increase the life of this product, you need to pay attention to some of the following issues:


These are devices that operate with high power, so during use, the electronic welding machine should not be directly touched with conductive components. You may get burned or get a shock. The best way is to insulate the solder with suitable insulators to avoid electric shock.
Check and maintain the welding machine regularly. Should regularly check electronic welding machine to ensure safety.


 Finally, when welding, always wear protective gear to avoid affecting your body's health


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