Orbital Welding Machine - Concepts And Notes When Using

Orbital welding technology has been applied in many parts of the world, especially in the fields of medicine, food, biology and high technology. However, in Vietnam, this is a fairly new technology and only a few foreign-invested houses apply. So what is Oribital welding technology? Lets LKS 360 EXIM find out in the article below.


What is Orbital welding technology?


Orbital pipe cutting machine (orbital tube cutting) is a cutting type that is a cold cutting technology, so it does not generate much heat, does not oxidize the material, and does not cause rust. Clean, burr-free cuts, blade operation cuts slowly into the material, circling the work piece and smoothing the surface of the cut.


In particular, Orbital pipe cutters are very suitable for cutting stainless steel pipes in food technology, pharmaceutical, beer and beverage factories, which are very demanding industries for the purity of the material transmitted in the pipes. , which requires no contamination, contamination and perfect tightness.


What is Orbital Welding Machine? 5 notes when using Orbital welding machine


5 Attention when using Orbital pipe cutter to cut stainless steel and steel pipes?


In the process of using the Orbital pipe cutter to cut pipes, we recommend that users read the machine manual, during the cutting process, there may be some errors as follows:


Worked but could not cut the pipe: The cause may be because the knife has not been installed properly, this error is as simple as opening the machine, reversing the blade, and installing it as in the manual that came with the machine.


⭐The cutter has slipped and cannot be cut: The type of re-installation of the bolt on the blade is loose or not, if so, just tighten it.

⭐The manipulator diameter adjustment cannot be operated: This error may be caused by the sliding part getting dirty after operation or due to storage.

⭐Needs to be cleaned according to the machine's manual. To ensure the best performance, clean the machine after several operations.

⭐Sliding housing box does not rotate: This error is caused by incorrect pipe diameter adjustment, re-tighten the handle knob as shown in the manual.

⭐The motor box (motor) does not work: There are 2 cases, one is the motor is damaged or the overload sensor is being turned on because the machine is operating at over capacity. If due to overload, just turn off the base machine for 10-20 minutes and it will work again.


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