Amazing health benfits of chives

Chives are often known as a folk dish of the Vietnamese, but few people know that chives can be used to treat many diseases in both Eastern and Western medicine. Today, LKS 360 Exim which specialize in providing health care and medical products, orbital pharmaceuticals and cultivation will introduce some uses and remedies from chives.

Plant characteristics
Chives is a herbaceous, perennial plant that grows on the ground. In the wild, chives can grow from 20 to 40 cm tall. Chives belong to the group of taproot plants. The stem and leaves are green, the flowers are white.

Chives are grown from the base of the tree. The handle of the flower also grows from the base of the tree, usually 20 - 30cm in length. White flowers bloom at the top of the flower stalk.

Chives often grow in shrubs and are very easy to grow. Chives are asexual plants. They produce seedlings by splitting buds.

Amazing health benfits of chives


Chives are a plant that grows and thrives in hot and humid climates. In Vietnam, chives can grow wild on roadsides and fields. Chives are grown a lot to harvest for medicine and food processing.

Parts used

Chives are grown and harvested for the stems, leaves, and seeds.

Harvesting, preliminary processing & preservation
+ Chives grow and thrive all year round. Therefore, harvesting can also take place all year round. Harvesters need to choose chives that are still green and have just bloomed. Do not choose to pick chives that are too old.

+ After harvesting, you should store the chives in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing chives in very humid places or in the sun.

+ To keep chives for a long time, users can wash chives, use wrapping paper and store them in the refrigerator.

Amazing health benfits of chives

Chemical composition
According to modern studies, chives contain the following chemical components:

+ Vitamin B;
+ Copper;
+ Iron;
+ Pyridoxine;
+ Niacin;
+ Mandan;
+ Calcium;
+ Thiamine;
+ Riboflavin;
+ Vitamin K;
+ Vitamin A;
+ Vitamin C;
+ Phosphorus;
+ Fiber.

Usage and dosage
Chives can be used in the following ways:

+Processed into dishes;
+Use fresh: Crush, get juice to treat wounds, local inflammation;
+Processed into male remedies by combining with other medicinal herbs.
=>>Nutritionists and health professionals still recommend regular use of chives. However, the dose for each use needs to be considered and reduced just enough. The specific dose also depends on the dish, the recipe of the remedy.

Amazing health benfits of chives

Some medicinal herbs from chives
- Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol: Like garlic, chives contain allicin, which has the effect of reducing blood pressure and preventing the production of cholesterol in the body.
- Cure toothache: Take a handful of chives (including the roots), wash them, pound them and put them on the painful spot, put them continuously until they heal.
- Cure cough due to cold: Take chopped shallot leaves mixed with rock sugar or honey into the same cup, then bring the cup into the steamed rice cooker. Give the child to drink gradually during the day 23 times, 1 teaspoon each time. Use for 5 days.
- Helps to nourish the eyes: 150g Chives, 150g goat liver, thinly sliced goat liver, marinated with spices and sauteed with shallots. When stir-fry to strong fire, when cooked for just enough seasoning, eat with rice, eat once a day, 10 days a course.
- Stomach ulcers, epigastric pain, nausea or vomiting due to cold: 250 g chives, 25 g fresh ginger, all chopped, pounded, filtered, poured into the pot with 250 g cow's milk. Simmer until boiling, drink hot.

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Chives with many beneficial nutrients have very few calories, so adding chives to your daily meals also helps you lose weight while still ensuring enough nutrition for your body. But it should be noted that chives should not be used in the hot season. Hope the above sharing helps you make more nutritious food choices for your family