Medical Instruments and Medical Supplies Classification

Have you ever had access to medical equipment or medical supplies? These are essential equipment and tools of the medical industry. Let's spend a day with LKS360 EXIM to learn and classify medical instruments and medical supplies!


Medical Instruments and Medical Supplies Classification


Medical instruments and medical supplies are one?

In fact, medical equipment is a small part of medical supplies, simply understood that the concept of medical supplies will include medical equipment.


Classification of medical supplies

Medical supplies include 3 main categories: medical consumables, medical instruments and medical supplies. The division into separate groups will help readers easily identify and classify more specifically.


1. What are medical consumables?

Consumable medical supplies are items that can only be used once and absolutely cannot be reused, including:

  • Syringes, gloves, infusion lines, breathing lines,...
  • Garo, gauze bandage, medical cotton,...
  • Test tubes, patient vials, cones,...


Medical Instruments and Medical Supplies Classification


2. Medical instruments

Types of medical instruments include:


  • Medical instruments and supplies for surgery: specialized scissors, gas, cushions, surgical knives, pank tools, knife handles, surgical needles, clamps, saws, surgical threads, self-dissolving threads,... 
  • Medical examination equipment: blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, thermometer, specialized endoscope, reflex hammer,...
  • Endoscopic surgical instruments: trocar, electrocautery hook, ultrasound knife, brake wire, electrocautery hook, reduction tube, scissors, surgical thread, surgical knife, surgical needle,...


Medical Instruments and Medical Supplies Classification


3. Medical supplies

  • Chemicals used in the experiment: specialized chemicals.
  • Conventional chemicals: used in routine testing with disinfectants, solutions and detergents.
  • Types of biological tests: products that are studied in large quantities such as HIV test strips, pregnancy test strips, drug test strips,...


Importance of medical supplies in medical industry

In the medical field, medical equipment and supplies are indispensable and very important, because it helps in medical examination and treatment. Marking the development of medicine for humans.


The classification of consumables helps to treat groups of diseases with high efficiency, and at the same time handles consumables so as not to affect medical examination and treatment and the environment.


Hopefully the above information will be useful and help you distinguish medical equipment and medical supplies from two different categories.


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