Stainless Steel Pipe - The Best Material for Orbital Pharmaceutical Industry

Stainless steel has long been considered a "material witch" for the manufacture and fabrication of orbital pharmaceutical instruments. This type of material not only meets GMP standards, it also possesses many special properties that other metals or alloys do not have, which is suitable for the specific characteristics of the orbital pharmaceutical industry.

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What is a stainless steel?

Stainless Steel Pipe - The Best Material for Orbital Pharmaceutical Industry

Completely and infinitely recyclable, stainless steel is an excellent representation of the “green material”. Its recovery and reuse rate is close to 100%.

Stainless steel (also known as stainless steel) is an alloy of iron and chromium. While stainless steel must contain at least 10.5% chromium, the exact compositions and ratios will vary based on the requirements and intended use of the steel. Other common additives include:

- Nickel

- Carbon

- Manganese

- Molybdenum

- Nitrogen

- Sulfur

- Copper

- Silicon

The exact composition of the alloy is rigorously measured and evaluated throughout the alloying process to ensure the stainless steel exhibits the required properties.

However, the composition in stainless steel is not the only factor that determines its unique properties… Because the most special thing is how the stainless steel is made. The process of making stainless steel is encapsulated in four main stages: melting, carbon removal, adjustment, forming or casting.

Why is stainless steel chosen as a material for making beverage  and orbital pharmaceutical industries products?

Stainless Steel Pipe - The Best Material for Orbital Pharmaceutical Industry

GMP standard for pharmaceutical device materials

According to China's GMP regulations: "the surface of the equipment in direct contact with the drug must be smooth, easy to clean or disinfect, anti-corrosion, no chemical change with the drug and no drug adsorption;"

According to GMP regulations in the United States: “the surface of the device must not react with intermediate or pharmaceutical materials, do not absorb, do not change the safety of the drug, change the identity, function quantity, quality or purity, causing it to exceed statutory or other established requirements. "

GMP has not yet issued mandatory documents in the selection of pharmaceutical equipment and tools. Currently, GMP only provides directional regulations in the selection of pharmaceutical equipment and instruments without specific regulations.

However, based on the above text, stainless steel is the most suitable material to meet the contents set out by GMP.

Stainless Steel Pipe - The Best Material for Orbital Pharmaceutical Industry

Possesses many important characteristics

Possesses many important characteristics The pharmaceutical industry is governed by strict regulatory standards. Over time, these standards became more stringent. Stainless steel is used in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture instruments, tanks, pressure vessels, pipeline works as well as more complex components such as orthopedic implants and subcutaneous needles.

Stainless steel meets many rigorous standards in the pharmaceutical industry:

- Perfect corrosion resistance, in other words, no rust when encountering water, temperature impacts during use.

- Resistant to high and low temperatures while preserving mechanical and physical properties

- Incredible durability

- Extremely easy to clean, remove bacteria and viruses quickly

- High aesthetics for shiny look

- Low life cycle cost

- Environmentally friendly and easily recyclable materials LKS provides a prestigious, high-class, and good-priced orbital pharmaceutical industry.


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