The anti-covid 19 effect of masks

In the epidemic situation, masks are indispensable items to fight the virus. Masks can help slow the spread of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Combined with masks are other preventive measures, such as vaccinations, frequent hand washing, and good body hygiene. Wherever you are, vaccinated or not, we recommend that you wear a mask to protect your health.


The anti-covid 19 effect of masks


The anti-covid 19 effect of masks


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that you should wear a mask regularly to protect your health. Because medical masks have antibacterial properties that provide maximum protection.


For people with weakened immune systems or more serious illnesses, a mask will provide the best possible protection when they are in an area with high numbers of people with COVID-19. Besides, masks help you avoid infection in crowded, closed and close contact environments.


What types of masks are there?


Medical masks


The anti-covid 19 effect of masks


Medical masks are disposable masks. Their purpose is to protect the wearer from exposure to environments containing bacteria. Medical masks also have the effect of filtering impurities in the air when the wearer breathes in. Medical masks do not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air when breathing.


KN95 mask 


The anti-covid 19 effect of masks


KN95 masks are masks that fully meet certain international standards. It has better protection than medical masks. However, at present, there are many fake masks sold with poor quality. So please be careful when buying KN95 masks


N95 mask


The anti-covid 19 effect of masks


N95 masks are masks that meet US quality standards. It has the highest level of protection. Surgical N95 respirators should be reserved for healthcare providers.


Like medical masks, N95 respirators are designed for single use. Now researchers are experimenting with disinfecting ways to reuse them.


Cloth masks


The anti-covid 19 effect of masks


Cloth masks are used to keep respiratory droplets secreted when the wearer talks, coughs or sneezes. It acts as a barrier to protect the wearer from inhaling droplets released by others.


The most effective cloth masks are those made from several layers of tightly woven fabric such as cotton. A mask with multiple layers will prevent many drops of water from getting through your mask. Cloth masks do not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air you breathe.


How to use a mask properly


The anti-covid 19 effect of masks


  • Wash your hands before wearing a mask

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose to your chin

  • Wear a mask making sure it fits snugly against your face.

  • Do not touch the mask with your hands after wearing it.

  • If you accidentally touch your mask, wash your hands.

  • If the mask is wet or dirty, use a new one.

  • Remove the mask by removing the strap without touching the front of the mask.

  • Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.

  • Regularly wash cloth masks. Then dry them in the dryer or in the sun.

  • Throw away the disposable mask after wearing it.


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