Tips for Pure weld in Orbital Pharmaceutical welding

Orbital pharmaceutical welding has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry, offering unmatched precision and purity in pipe systems. This method has become indispensable in creating high-purity and ultra-high-purity piping systems. Let's find out with LKS 360 EXIM why orbital welding is chosen for use in pharmaceutical pipeline systems that require perfect purity and cleanliness.


Why Use Orbital Pharmaceutical Welding for High-Purity Pipe Systems ?

Tips for Pure weld in Orbital Pharmaceutical welding

Orbital pharmaceutical welding is an advanced technique that has become indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry due to its unmatched ability to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and contamination control, which are critical in this sector. This method stands out for its controlled environment, effectively minimizing the risk of contamination.

The pharmaceutical industry, known for its stringent quality and purity requirements, finds an ideal solution in orbital pharmaceutical welding. This technique's automated nature plays a crucial role in ensuring consistent, high-quality welds. The consistency is vital not just for meeting regulatory standards, but also for maintaining the integrity and purity of the products that flow through these pipes. Inconsistent or low-quality welds can lead to contamination, which is unacceptable in pharmaceutical processing.

One of the key advantages of orbital pharmaceutical welding is its ability to create smooth, crevice-free welds. This aspect is particularly important because crevices can be breeding grounds for bacteria and other contaminants. In pharmaceutical applications, where even the slightest contamination can have significant consequences, the smooth welds produced by orbital welding significantly reduce the risk of bacterial growth and contamination. This is crucial for maintaining the sterility and purity of the products, as even minor contamination can compromise the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products and pose health risks to consumers.

Furthermore, the automation in orbital pharmaceutical welding not only enhances the quality of the welds but also improves efficiency and reduces the likelihood of human error, which can be a significant factor in traditional welding methods. The precision and repeatability offered by this technique ensure that each weld is performed to the exact specifications required, further reinforcing the high standards of quality and safety essential in the pharmaceutical industry.


How to Weld High-Purity and Ultra-High-Purity Piping by Orbital Pharmaceutical Welding

Tips for Pure weld in Orbital Pharmaceutical welding

Welding high-purity and ultra-high-purity piping requires meticulous preparation and execution. The process starts with the careful selection of materials and equipment. The pipes and fittings must be made of materials that can withstand the cleaning and sterilization processes typical in orbital pharmaceutical environments. Before welding, the surfaces should be cleaned to remove any contaminants.

The orbital welding process involves using automated equipment that moves around the pipe, providing a uniform and consistent weld. The key is to maintain the right welding parameters – temperature, speed, and gas flow. Inert gasses like argon are used to shield the weld area from atmospheric contamination. The welder must have a deep understanding of the metallurgy involved and the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

High-quality orbital pharmaceutical welding of stainless steel pipes, primarily used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor sectors, demands stringent standards. These pipes, often used in process piping, undergo electropolishing before and/or after welding. Electropolishing is a method where components are dipped in an electrified solution, effectively removing iron from the surface and enhancing the corrosion resistance by enriching chromium and nickel on the stainless steel's surface. Post-welding, a pipe's inside can also be electropolished by filling it with the electropolishing solution, underscoring the importance of preparation in high-purity pipe welding.

Tips for Pure weld in Orbital Pharmaceutical welding

For optimal welding of high-purity pipes, certain preparatory steps are essential:

– The welding area must be impeccably clean, free from dust, dirt, petroleum residues, or spills.

– The welder's protective gear, including gloves, apron, clothing, and even their skin, should be spotlessly clean, devoid of any dirt or oil stains.

– The pipe to be welded must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust, hydrocarbons, or solvents, often using isopropyl alcohol, and allowed to dry completely before welding.

– Ensuring purity inside and outside the pipe is crucial. This involves filling the pipe with an inert gas like argon to replace oxygen-rich air. Advanced welding technologies, such as oxygen sensors, help in verifying that the interior atmosphere is entirely replaced with the shielding gas before welding. The pipe's interior must achieve and maintain a specific pressure throughout the welding process.


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Welding of high purity orbital pharmaceutical pipeline systems at LKS

Tips for Pure weld in Orbital Pharmaceutical welding

At LKS 360 EXIM, the commitment to quality and precision in the welding of high-purity orbital pharmaceutical pipeline systems is unmatched. LKS has developed a reputation for its expertise in this field, offering services that meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Their state-of-the-art equipment, combined with skilled technicians, ensures that each weld is performed to the highest standards.

In addition, LKS is also prominent in the construction and installation of clean pipeline systems for the beverage industry, shipbuilding and providing factory maintenance work services upon request.

In conclusion, orbital pharmaceutical welding is a specialized technique that plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. Its ability to provide high-purity welds is essential in maintaining the integrity of pharmaceutical products. By understanding and adhering to the best practices in this field, companies like LKS 360 EXIM are setting the standard for excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


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