What are medical gloves? The uses of medical gloves

Medical gloves are also a type of labor protection gloves, but thin, light, tough and specialized in medical, food and beverage industry, laboratory, some light industries such as paint... Let's learn more about medical gloves with LKS 360 Exim - medical supplier (gloves, masks, surgical products, orbital pharmaceutical...)

What Are Medical Gloves?

What are medical gloves? The uses of medical gloves

Medical gloves, also known as medical gloves, are a type of disposable protective gloves used in medical examination and procedures to help prevent infection between caregivers and patients, protect Users avoid infection from work tools and vice versa protect their hands from chemicals or disease-causing fluids.

Medical gloves are made from natural rubber materials but are compact, lightweight, waterproof. With a compact, flexible design but very thin, wearing medical gloves will not lose the feeling of the skin of your hands when touching or touching, touching that object.

Applications Of Medical Gloves

What are medical gloves? The uses of medical gloves

Nowadays, industrial rubber gloves, household rubber gloves have become popular in applications such as automotive, manufacturing, food processing services, kitchen cleaning... Rubber is an ideal and popular material in glove-making applications.

- Medical gloves are used in the medical industry, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, beauty care centers, veterinary care, animal and plant quarantine stations
- Use medical gloves when slaughtering livestock, poultry... avoid contact with fluids from animals
- Used a lot at meat and fish stalls... to help keep your hands clean
- Use medical gloves when periodically cleaning electronic devices, computers, phones, speakers, radios, etc. to avoid electrification, causing scratches to items.
- Used to ensure hygiene for workers and customers when doing nails, tattoos... to help prevent infection from customers to employees.
- Use gloves when processing food, processing Agro-forestry, seafood, processing consumer goods...

Types of Medical Gloves

What are medical gloves? The uses of medical gloves

There are many criteria to classify medical gloves: function of use, construction material, length, weight (thickness) ...
- Classification according to the function of use, there are two types: examination gloves and surgical gloves.
- Classified by usage, there are Powder-free Gloves and Powdered Gloves.
- And the most basic is the classification by material, there are latex gloves (natural rubber) and nitrile gloves (synthetic rubber).
Latex gloves: Latex is a resin taken from the natural rubber tree, so Latex is also known as rubber, Latex gloves are formed during processing along with heat and chemicals (allowed to use). ). It makes an extremely good protective layer, fits when we wear gloves and is very supple. This type of rubber is widely used in the production of medical devices, especially in the production of Gloves such as Powdered, Non-Powdered and Surgical Latex Gloves.
Nitrile gloves: Nitrile (Latex Free) is a synthetic rubber, formed exactly like Latex but does not contain Latex, so it does not cause allergies in some people who are sensitive to Latex, has good water resistance and oil resistance, so Nitrile gloves are widely used in all industries that require high

hygiene such as testing, dentistry and health care as well as non-medical industries such as industry, food processing...

Where to buy quality Medical Gloves?

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