How to classify the most popular functional foods?

Functional food is a product that provides nutrition, has the effect of supporting the protection of human health. As the boundary between Food and Medicine, depending on the function of use, functional foods are classified under many different categories. In order to classify the most accurate functional foods, you need to understand the nature of the functional foods. The following article will also provide you with the most basic information about popular functional foods

Overview of functional foods

Understanding what supplements are will make it easier to categorize them. Functional foods are foods that have a biological impact on the body's metabolism and help support the health of the user. Functional foods may or may not have high nutritional value. Unlike drugs, the criteria to bring a Functional Food product to market will be easier. Therefore, this is not considered a medicine and does not have the effect of replacing medicine.

How to classify the most popular functional foods?

The classification of functional foods includes:

Foods made from herbs:

The ingredients in functional foods may or may not have nutrients, but they play an important role in the health of the user.

When supplementing with functional foods, health will be gradually improved, reducing disease symptoms, beautifying from the inside, and helping to reduce health risks due to lack of substances.

Usually, the basic ingredients inside each functional food will contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, etc. These are ingredients you can supplement with foods and drinks every day. However, depending on the condition of each body, in many cases, it is still necessary to supplement health foods.

The addition of functional food products is one of the measures that are easy to apply, economically suitable and bring high efficiency to health. The product can be used even when the body is healthy to prevent disease. According to the recommendations of medical experts, each person can use 1-3 suitable health protection products, but it is necessary to understand the classification of functional foods to make the best choice. 

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The most common ways to classify functional foods

In some Asian countries, functional foods are also called supplements, health foods, special foods, and medical nutrition products. However, in China and Europe, functional foods are classified as Supplements, Medical foods or Medicinal foods.

In order to comply with the Legal Regulations on the Declaration of Supplements, the classification will depend on their nature, effect, or origin. As a reputable dietary supplement business unit, LKS 360 Exim wish to provide our customers with information on the classification of functional foods, thereby finding the right product.

How to classify the most popular functional foods?

Classification of functional foods by processing method

The processing method has classified functional foods into 4 subgroups, including: Vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, biologically active food supplements and foods prepared from herbs.

Regarding the vitamin supplement group, there are fruit-flavored drinks that help supplement vitamins C, E, beta-carotene or products in the form of fiber supplements...

For the mineral supplement group, it can be understood simply as iodine-added salts, calcium-fortified confectionery or electrolyte-replenishing water. For example, in developed countries: UK, USA, Japan... are currently developing milk powder products supplemented with folic acid, vitamins and minerals. As for Thailand, Korea, and China, they prefer to add vitamins and minerals to energy drinks.

Group of supplement products with biological active ingredients: milk, food for growing children with added DHA, EPA...
In China, Vietnam, Korea ... are countries with very developed sources of medicinal herbs, health care products made from famous herbs can be mentioned such as: Lingzhi, Ginseng, Dong Chongxia. Thao, Ha Thu O….

Classification of functional foods by product type

As the boundary between Food, food and medicine, leading to the classification of functional foods can be divided into 2 forms: Food - Medicine or Food - Medicine.

Functional foods in the form of Food - Drugs are products that are prepared similar to drugs (tablets, capsules, complete tablets, solutions, etc.), but are still essentially a form of food for health and protection. does not have the same therapeutic effect as medicine.
Food form – The drug is used by adding active ingredients directly to food, for example: medicinal porridge, nutritious soup, etc., the most common is the decoction of drinking water.

How to classify the most popular functional foods?

Classification of functional foods by use

According to use, health protection products are divided into many forms with functions such as:

☑️Anti-aging functional foods

☑️Functional foods to support digestion (functional foods for gastroesophageal reflux disease, ...)

☑️Functional foods to support blood pressure (supplementary foods to support blood pressure lowering, dietary supplements to support hypertension, ...)

☑️Functional foods to help reduce diabetes

☑️Functional foods to support osteoarthritis

☑️Functional foods to enhance physiology (foods to enhance male physiology, supplements to enhance female physiology)

☑️Dietary fiber supplement

☑️Functional foods to support eye function

☑️Functional foods to prevent brain circulatory disorders

☑️Functional foods to support beauty (collagen, vitamin E, ...)

☑️Sedative functional food, prevent insomnia

☑️Functional foods to prevent endocrine diseases

☑️Functional foods to strengthen immunity

☑️Functional foods that support the heart

Thus, we have learned with you what functional foods are and how they are commonly classified today. Although the use of functional foods is necessary, it is necessary to ensure the right dosage, the right needs, so it is necessary to consult a doctor before using. To be on the safe side, choose certified and tested supplements.